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#SOTS - Sound Of The Scene 20 | Anniversary Episode 🎆 and Community Mega Mix 🤝

There’s a lot to celebrate in this episode. First thing is that we reached the first year with the podcast already 😮 Time sometimes really flies! Secondly we just reached the new year. Welcome 2020! And finally, just in time for 2020, this is already our 20th episode. So in order to celebrate all of this we created a big community mix including 5 guest mixes by Soft Echoes, Cake!, Astrobi, Sadiquecat & Hechter finished off by the usual live part by CypiX. We hope you really enjoy this diverse collection of music and mixes in episode 20 of Sound Of The Scene!

#CyberPixl #SoundOfTheScene #SOTS

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