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Tomorrowland 2022 Live DJ Mix 💥 (Festival Music Mix) [Hardwell / ACRAZE / Guetta / SHM / Leotrix]

Gosh this mix was a struggle. Hours on hours I spent on it while far too much is going on with my life at the same time. Either way, it’s out now and I hope you found it to be worth it. It’s probably my own favorite festival styled mix I did so far. We got Future Rave, Techno, House, Dubstep, you name it. All the genres that show the current state of EDM. The same goes to the artists featured. Be it household industry names like David Guetta or Hardwell, who came back after his hiatus with an insane new dark sound, or the new shooting stars like Crankdat or Leotrix, who rewrite what Dubstep can sound like. This is what such a big festival like Tomorrowland represents for me. The vast majority of styles all coming together for everyone to enjoy and rave to. This is the state of EDM now. You don’t need to wait for tomorrow.

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