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Avicii - SOS (ft. Aloe Blacc) ◢◤ (DJ Cover Mix) (CypiX Live RemiX) #Avicii

I can’t believe Avicii’s tragic passing is over a year ago already. It still feels pretty fresh to me. And his recent single, that now came out through the help of his team definitely takes you back in time. It feels and sounds like him. Aloe Blacc and all other collaborators did a great job aswell to make it turn out the way it is now. I thought I’d create a little of my DJ Cover Remix Mix thingies to pay tribute again to Avicii, one of the most influential figures of the EDM scene.

(And once I turned of all my phones, that also worked. lol)

I really hope you enjoy this mix! And in case you feel depressed, alone and helpless, make sure to issue an SOS. Maybe that could have saved Tim as well…

#Avicii #SOS #Tim

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