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CypiX presents LOST IN RAVE Vol. 1 - Progressive (Zhu / CamelPhat / Stephan Bodzin)

Pretty different, isn't it? I had such a mix planned for a long time already, but due to several technical issues prior it took a while. Yet now here it is. Another mix for you, a new step for me. The usual top down mixes are not dead, but this was a change up I wanted to throw in for a while. When I first found the location I was mesmerized. Lost places are one thing, but this abandoned rooftop, where nature is creeping back with birch trees growing on nothing more than old concrete was something I have not seen before. I knew instantly I wanted to record a mix in there. And if that wasn't enough, while recording the fluffy pollen of the nearby trees started to float around like particle effects. Kinda surreal almost. To fit the atmosphere the place gave me I went for a light mix of Progressive gems. It took my all. I hope you like it. Let's get LOST IN RAVE… -CypiX

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