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CypiX - Daft Punk Tribute 🤖 | Live DJ MiX 🎧

There are mixes you might rather not do. This is one of them. I guess it hit all of us by surprise, that Daft Punk ended their journey after 28 years. Their music had an impact on a whole era of young musicians and shaped Electronic music as we know it. From their iconic use of the vocoder, over their creative ways to sample, up to their boundary breaking live tour, Daft Punk paved new ways. So in order to honor them I did my Homework and curated a selection of their songs to create a worthy tribute. And to show their impact on up and coming musicians, I included some creative remixes as well. So feel free to go on a Discovery with me for the next 45 minutes and let it evoke some Random Access Memories. I guess some day it had to end, cause they were Human After All.

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