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Reaper - Disruptor 💀 (#DnB Album DJ MiX)

Debut albums are always something special. It's often the most anticipated work of a musician and makes a precedent for what's to come. So is Disruptor by REAPER. The Drum and Bass powerhouse comes around with a 10 song LP that will surely be played throughout the next DnB parties around the world. Fun fact: I just played some of these songs at a live gig myself and it really went off ️‍🔥 That's why I took on this album and compiled it into one of my live DJ Mixes. It was heaps of fun doing so! I invite you to join my journey through heavy Drum and Bass, Drumstep and Bass music. But don't be fooled by the pure energy of the songs, the vocal performances have just as much melodic charm and emotions to offer! Let's spread the DnB spirit or to say it in REAPER's words: “We are an unstoppable force. Let's keep pushing this Drum & Bass sound through America and Beyond!" -CypiX

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