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We're passionate and always do our best for our artists and releases. We seek to help out in the whole process every step of the way. We want to spread joy in the world through a creative and caring community. The numbers game isn't our focus. We connect the scene. This is CyberPixl, the best place for digital content creators.

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This is why artists choose us as their label:

A direct contact

You always have me, CypiX, as a direct contact to talk to whenever you have any issues. I've heard too many stories by artists before, of labels that don't respond to requests, that don't give feedback on the state of a release, or that simply just don't answer at all. This won't happen to you here. Communication is important to us!

You are not a number. Your art is not mere content.

Way too often we noticed the industry drifting off into directions we feel are lacking the human dimension. As labels get bigger it often gets more and more corporate and artists start to turn into mere numbers for them. Followers count more than music quality. And cranking the numbers is more important than creating lasting art (I've seen way too many instances where releases are cranked out with default cover art that is the same for all songs under that label and 1 sentence descriptions along the lines of: “Subscribe and like us for more content like this"). We disagree with that mentality and feel that every piece of art is something that deserves a story and proper attention. And you as an artist deserve to be seen as a person, not a number. Just like Daft Punk said, in the end we are “Human After All".


You’ll be promoted across all of CyberPixl’s social media presence. You name it: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and our Website (+Newsletter).

Additionally, when a fitting live DJ mix of mine is coming I’ll make sure to also include our release in there. Furthermore we send it out to a bunch of other promoters – the more promote it the better, right? 😉

Not to forget we also share it on other places like fitting Subreddits, Facebook or Discord groups, or whatever effective and suiting platform we’ll find in the future.

Future opportunities

What shouldn’t be overlooked is, that when you sign a track with us, this song then is a part of our catalogue. And we push and promote our catalogue with every chance we get. Who knows what happens in the future as we grow. We may be able to have your music featured by some big influencers, or you might even be included in a game.

Sky is the limit!

Online stores

Your music will be available on over 20 online stores and streaming sites worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify and many more.

Shazam availability

Yes, you heard that right! When your song is playing somewhere and the listener wants to know its name and who made it, they can simply take out their phone and find it via Shazam.

Help and Idea sharing

We always stay in touch and notify you whenever we see something that can help you out. For example if:

  • Your social media links aren’t working
  • Someone is copying your work
  • There are issues on your social media presence that could be improved
  • …and so on
Don’t worry about cover art, descriptions or the tagging of your MP3s
anymore. We do that for you, to allow you to focus on production. You
create the music, we do the rest.

Music production feedback

Whenever you seek feedback and critique of your work, you have someone to help you out. We want to enable you to polish your work and push you that one step further with your craft.

No lock in

There is no lock-in contract. We only sign tracks and albums. You are not locked in to only work with us from now on to infinity. We do that because we are convinced that we provide real value to you and that once you worked with us once, you’ll like to do it again.

No legal talk

Don’t be afraid of the contract. We make sure that all agreements are straight forward and easy to understand. And if there is something you’re unsure about, remember the first section in here 😉

Artists we look for

  • We are looking for passionate artists, who love their craft, take producing seriously and are eager to create something impressive.
  • You need to have great production quality in place and already have some experience in music production.
  • When it comes to style or genre, there are no limits:
    From EDM bangers, over Trance anthems, heavy Dubstep, or nostalgic Chiptune, up to some sophisticated jazzy Ambient-Breakbeat mixture. We are interested in everything in the realm of Electronic music that is good.

If that sounds like you, we’d be excited to hear from you and listen to your submission. Simply send them our way via our Submission Form, or get in contact with us directly through Discord.

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What our artists say about us

"So happy about the release!! Thanks for makin it happen!"
"Was really attracted to the main idea around label managers communicating with artists. I think that's great, having sort of a "family" style label. I appreciate you putting all this effort to build a community!"
"You guys are doing an amazing job!"
"Super glad to be able to release again here ^^"
"I appreciate all the support from yourself and everyone!"
"It's fun to work with you ^^ I've been on other labels and they barely help you." "Great label. Great persons. You guys rock!" "Ayy! I'm so flustered now! ;W; <3 So much support. So much wow."
"Thank you so much for all the effort. You are amazing and I hope we explode into the industry together."
"You really care so much about your label and the artists you have on it, so good to see there are people with passion <3 I'm excited as hell for the future!" "You are on Monstercat level in terms of supporting your artists as much as you can <3" "I'm always impressed how they know me already from the EP, how I am a present name in their minds, it's crazy! That is a thing huge labels have mostly!"
"Without your advice or motivation it would have never sounded this good. I couldn't thank you enough."
"Thank you for the harsh feedback on this one. Never got so much feedback from a label!"
Community Member
Team Member
"Making cover arts for you, I now have a better understanding of what style I’m more in-tune with. So I wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore my own style along with just doing art in general. It was a good side project and has produced some pieces I look back on and am proud of."

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