A selection of our label releases. From Ambient to Dubstep, from Complextro to House, you'll surely find some music that fits your taste right here. Enjoy!

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Multi - Ready Up | CyberPixl Release ⏩

Do you also love Beat em Up games? We surely do and we also love the music that goes along with those. Often it's oddly, satisfyingly chill beats, that make you wanna stay on the character select screen for ages instead of actually jumping into the action. But you can't wait forever, you gotta Ready Up and choose your fighter. I guess you see Multi's inspiration by now. If you are a fan of Liquid Drum & Bass, you'll love this chill tune, that has a Nu Jazz touch to it. But don't be fooled by it's laid back energy, your fight is to happen in any minute, if you just Ready Up…

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