Making the world a bit more Cyber one Pixl at a time.

We seek to create fairness in the art world,
giving talented hard working artists the traction, audience and money they deserve through
a platform that inspires and helps out in the whole process every step of the way.

We want to spread joy in the world
through a creative and caring community.

This is the CyberPixl Network,
the best place for digital content creators.

Why choose us as your label?

A real contact:

You always have me Cyber as a direct contact to talk to when you have any issues.


You'll be promoted across all of CyberPixl's social media presence. You name it: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and our Website (+Newsletter). Also when a fitting live DJ mix of mine is coming I'll make sure to also include it in there. Furthermore we make sure to send it out to a whole bunch of other promoters, the more promote it, the better.

Future opportunities:

Also what shouldn't be overlooked is, that when you sign a track with us, this song then is a part of our catalogue. And we push and promote our catalogue with every chance we get. So who knows what happens in the future as we grow. We may be able to have your music featured by some big influencers or you might even be included in a game. Sky is the limit.

Online stores:

Your music will be available on over 15 online stores worldwide including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play & Spotify.


Yes, you heard that right. When your song is playing somewhere and someone wants to know its name and who made it, he or she can simply take out their phone and find it via Shazam.

Feedback of your music:

Whenever you seek feedback and critique of your work you have someone to help you out. We want to enable you to polish you work and push you that one step further with your craft.

Feedback in general:

We always stay in touch with you whenever we see something that can help you out.
You have links on your social media page that arent working?
We'll notify you.
There is someone copying your work?
We'll notify you.
We noticed some issues on your social media presence that could be improved?
We'll notify you.
... The list goes on.

No lock in:

There is no lock-in contract. We only sign tracks and albums. You are not locked in to only work with us from now on to infinity. We do that because we are convinced that we provide real value to you and that once you worked with us once, you'll like to do it again.

Taking off your work:

Don't worry about cover art, descriptions or the tagging of your mp3s anymore. We do that for you. You create the music, we do the rest. But don't worry we'll always make sure you are happy with it.

No legal talk:

Don't be afraid of the contract. We make sure that all agreements are straight forward and easy to understand. And if there is something you're unsure about, remember the first bullet point ;)

So in general

... we do everything we can to make your life as an artist easier. And probably the biggest difference between us and other labels is that we and especially I really care about you. I want you to strive, to succeed and to be happy with what you're doing ! That's why I created this label, to help out talented and passionate artists.

Which artists do we seek?

We are looking for passionate artists, who love their craft, take producing seriously and want to take their career to the next level.
You need to have a great production quality in place and already have some experience in music production.
When it comes to style or genre though there are no limits: From EDM bangers, over Trance anthems, heavy Dubstep, or nostalgic Chiptune, up to some sophisticated jazzy Ambient-Breakbeat mixture. We are interested in everything in the realm of Electronic music that is good.

If that sounds like you, I'd be excited to hear from you and listen to some of your submissions. Simply send them our way via Soundcloud message: Our Soundcloud Page

What other artists say about us:


"You really care so much about your label and the artists you have on it,
so good to see there are people with passion <3
I'm excited as hell for the future!"

"You are on Monstercat level in terms of supporting your artists as much as you can <3"

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